pureDarwin Xmas running on Fedora15+qemu-kvm

PureDarwin was a nice project… but no good updates in last year

I tried qemu running on following guides:


1. Download the img of puredarwinXmas:

puredarwinxmas.tar.bz2 (md5: fd0ade4da224475e5dc33c2c11d9d0bc)


2. Open qemu…

Command used:
qemu -hda ‘puredarwinxmas.vmdk’ -cdrom ‘puredarwinxmas.vmdk’ -boot d -m 512
>>  press F8 when asked and echo following line on the boot: prompt.
>> Then have to launch X11 manually:

paste the screenshot here…

Fedora 15: chmsee failed to open .chm file(on XPCOM component)

I’m not using chmsee on Fedora mainline, just fetch codes from googlecodes.

It’s now hitting bug.. which already tracked as bug 833640 on RH side.


Error Message:


Firefox 12 not upgraded to 13, but thunderbird already to 13 on Fedora15.
no updates on yum….

Need to manually upgrade xulrunner/firefox.


I’m using Fedora 15.x86, as the yum mainline may not update in a few while(it may be outofdate… )
Following packages help..

LXR-0.11.1 + glimpse-4.18.6 on Fedora 15… reading linux kernel 0.12

Recently I’m reading linux kernel 0.12. I setup lxr+glimpse on my Fedora 15 node.
Following is the steps:

1. Prepare…

with following packages installed:

2. Install glimpse…

download/congfigure/make/make install
If any package lost, use yum/cpan to install.
You can inst as default(/usr/local)…
I use prefix=/usr/suse/lxr/glimpse

3. Install lxr…
I download lxr-0.11.1.tgz, no necessary to compile
extra/untar the package and

4. Configuration…
I configure a single tree here.

.htaccess file will be generated into lxrroot, no need to modify…
config file will be generated into lxrconf.d/

5. handle the configuration files…
modify apache-lxrserver.conf,   erase following caret:  “alias ^/lxr” –> “alias /lxr”

mysql import lxrconf.d/initdb-mysql-custom.sql with correct user/passwd/dbname.
6. copy lxrconf.d/lxr.conf to ${LXRROOT} and configure…
I paste a copy of my lxr.conf here


7. prepare some templates html file, ensure httpserver can access the files…


8. all ready..

ln or cp folder of kernel0.12 here, name as “0.12”

9. go to folder ${LXRROOT}, generate Index…

we can see records into db…

10. re/start httpd server.
access http://localhost/lxr/source

all should be ok now…

1. Cannot show ident correctly, httpd server errorlog shows
[Thu Jul  5 18:24:33 2012] warning: LXR::Template, line 105: Template file ‘htmlident’ => ‘/usr/suse/lxr/lxr/http/html-ident.html’ does not exist
[Thu Jul  5 18:24:33 2012] fatal: ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::RegistryPrefork::usr_suse_lxr_lxr_ident, line 188: ‘htmlident’ template not configured at /usr/suse/lxr/lxr/ident line 188, <FILETYPE> line 4.

just ensure lxr.conf matches step#7. and give folder html enough privilege.

2. No need to copy ${LXRROOT}/lib files to other perl @INC path.
/etc/httpd/conf.d/apache-lxrserver.conf will call following file to include…


Well , glimpse here can be replaced with swish-e, I have another post to provide swish-e RPMs for fedora15/16.
Any problems on similar configuration, plz feel free to drop me a message.



[update] Aug.17th

About the “src” folder:
In the configure file, writes:


I didnt comment out “range ” values  for new versions of linux kernel contains such code.


About the Step8. first time I use  “>” and when new version trees come, I use “>>” instead.. like following

So, if other users who dont handle version intro with this file, please just  configure above code, and hard-code modify “range” array.

above I mentioned “ln or cp”  trees here, just as Andre suggested it’s not a good idea to put source code inside the app folder.
well I’m now not installing lxr in a standard prefix(like: /usr/local/ or /usr/), so I would like the data integrated

I place source code trees  in other place and use soft link to keep update.

I think the soft link is alternatively a good choice to avoid data loosing when app update/deinstall.

And of course when new install/upgrade needed, I think we can move away the src folder and softlink back here.


About the err mesg#1  and step7. on folder “/lxr/lxrconf.d/html/”

here I didnt successfully configured the server as I didnt grant enough privilege to the “/lxr/lxrconf.d/html/” dir. it’s why failed.
I mv the folder to “/lxr/http” and grant privilege, it’s ok to access now.

I think it ok not move the folder, just chown/chmod to give enough privilege to let httpserver to access the folder.
My change is not a must, I just think it ok to delete dir “”/lxr/lxrconf.d/” after server successfully running.  and the server not rely on this folder now.

and before step#7,  invoke  “cd ” to  ${LXRROOT}, already updated.


Thanks Andre pointing out these issues,



Compile swish-e RPM for Fedora15/16

swish-e is a very useful tool that helps for indexing…

they dont provides RPMs for Fedora system, so I prepared for anybody who need it.

1) About Repo of this RPM, suspect that you can resolve all dependencies by yourself. or configure rpmfusion as guide.

2) Download the RPM and use yum like: (for fedora15.i686)
# yum localinstall swish-e-2.4.7-1.fc15.i686.rpm

3) yum can resolve all dependencies except “perl(MP3::Tag)”, Fedora RPMfusion doesnt provide it.
I packaged another package on this perl package.

4) so download the both package to same folder and use yum localinstall
# yum localinstall swish-e-2.4.7-1.fc15.i686.rpm perl-MP3-Tag-1.11-2.rf.noarch.rpm

5) I’ll also provide Fedora16.i686/x64 package here: