chmsee doesnt work on Fedora 15 official

just found that the chmsee tool doesnt work well today. it should worked at the release version and failed when yum up2date.
check and filed a bug on this issue.

export GRE_HOME env before run the tool,

compile rose-0.9.5a-14791 on Fedora 15

rose is a nice tool, suggested when reading the book <The CERT C Secure Coding Standard>

just install the tool on my Fedora 15 node,

1. Fetch the latest source code from official website: 0.9.5a-multiplatform-14791
2. Prepare the packages needed,(I use official Java Bins configured, which can be detected by configure script)

3. modify the configure script incase a boost version detect failure.

**About the path , I use following line to determine, it may also works on RH related platform.

4. configure with setting, for currently fedora.15 using gcc-4.6.0.

If you do only need some(not all) languages supported, using

5. make and continue.
Before make do modify the Makefile,  or the script shall not fetch the related EDG binaries for version4.6.