Install Guide of Mongo php Driver on EL5

Following is a step to install Mongo-php-driver and rockmongo on EL5.6 box.

steps please find the reference.

My working configure:

mongo-php-driver: mongo-1.2.0

1.  install the pkgs.

on my yum-server, I dont have git prepared. so have to manually inst…

find related packages here, and install

2.  git install mongo-php-driver.  as the git repo is up2date and the box is old.
I choose to pickup the driver pkg here:

install the library.


3. edit  php.conf and enable the as extension.


4. during httpd start. hit bug#669963

httpd server cannot startup and report error in /var/log/httpd/error_log

bug content as described here :

  • Because of this bug httpd fails to start after existing systems are updated from an older CentOS 5 release to CentOS 5.6. The workaround is described here. This only happens when you have SSL enabled and mod_nss installed for your webserver.



5. download rockmongo and unzip in http html folder. works


Running And Migrating Django Project on Bluehost

先写几个中文字, 主题无关,本来没必要迁的项目, 主要是被赶得只好换了服务器. 就多做了这么多的事.


Currently Bluehost doesnt support Django officially.

to support Django.

1. Using self-packaged python/Django.
Download and unzip Python in:
using to install flup/Django/MySQL-python …

2. Using existing Project: RACBDM. edit .htaccess


3. prepare mysite.fcgi


4. ensure the mysql related configuration: <RACBDM.settings>

5. confirm the template_dirs setting:

6. While migrating, it’s a good practice to enable DEBUG mode:

7. Mysql related:

8. mention that the dump script will not take care the View create status, if you have tables/views. please double check.