Running fcitx on EL7 xfce

I thought it should be an easy task, while not…

My Env:

locale:   en_US.UTF-8
kernel:  3.10.0-123.4.2.el7.x86_64


I removed ibus related rpms except “ibus-libs”, as it’s required by gnome/gtk.

then build all fcitx packages:


switch im doesnt work.

I have to rebuild  package: imsettings and im-chooser.  as the origin one doesnt enable support for XFCE.

1. fetch following packages: (as f20 doesnt provide the latest im-chooser package, I use el7 version.)

2.  modify spec to support el7. (enable xfce supports)


3. im-chooser build has deps on imsettings-devel:
build imsettings first and inst devel pkg :

4. after all packages built, install/update:


5.  change immodules.cache as Im using en locale.

6. reboot, and use imsettings-switch, im-chooser to choose fcitx. reboot.

If you hit issues, you may try w/r here:
Note for GNOME Later than 3.6

update thunderbird xpi `Quote Colors`

There was a very nice plugin for tb, named “quote-colors”:


but currently it doesnt support a higher version > tb 3.0

simply it can be done as following:

1. Download xpi:

2. vi install.rdf

3. update and pack zip

4. install the new xpi.


Enable compiz on EL7 with xfce

Im running CentOS7 and EPEL repo, with XFCE desktop.

by design compiz packages may not be prepared for EL release. but if you’re planning to use EL7( like Redhat EL, centos, Oracle Linux 7). and would like to enable compiz/emerald. please continue reading…


all packages are based on those fc20 src.rpms

You can visit following link for all src.RPMs, and RPMs compiled, mentioned here:
As before we need to install compiz as following:

So we are going to check out following src RPMs:  (and deps for compile)

packages like mate* are just prepared for compiling, we only need compiz-xfce after compile, no compiz-mate required then

Issues hit:
1. when installing compiz*

Error: Package: 1:compiz-0.8.8-25.el7.centos.x86_64 (/compiz-0.8.8-25.el7.centos.x86_64)
Requires: emerald
You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem

but emerald also has dependency when running yum-builddep on compiz-devel
compile compiz, compiz-xfce and compiz-devel first,  install with “rpm –nodeps” option to force.
then build emerald package and install

2.  when building fusion-icon:

the condition is checking fedora version, but we are running EL, it’s safe to comment out the condition.

after the change: build from new spec, but not the src.rpm

after all packages built and installed, run fusion-icon, working!


ok , if you need to install RPMs directly, (not like to build your own.) please check out the links above.

and  cd RPMS/x86_64 or noarch, following * means the version:

if  you r using EPEL and xfce, all deps should be solved directly, if not please just find the broken rpms in the link lists.

Then,  after the installation, we can safely drop ALL mate related RPMs (they were just prepared to compile compiz* packages, while we only need compiz-xfce and compiz)

finally, If  you r using RHEL or OracleLinux, you may not hit following issue.

on CentOS, when you running compiz with cube, it may require access file

It’s safely to ignore,  or you can copy from other box, cover the folder “/usr/share/pixmaps/redhat”

As I was using OracleLinux 6, so I package a zip here:

unzip and copy folder to the target.

gnome-icon-theme-legacy for xfce on EL7

Currently shiped by EL7, it’s for gnome 3:

In this scenario, we cannot see icons complete on Thunar.
problem is that Thunar still works on gtk2 and we still need the legacy icons.

fetch following src RPMs:

compile and we get:


then install the legacy RPM,


I filed following rh bug for tracking…

compiling xscreensaver for xfce

well, continue…


1. we have xflock4 already, but no xscreensaver ready.
I fetched xscreensaver here:

it has dependency on package: libgle

currently libgle-devel and  xorg-x11-reutils are not available in repo.
need to compile manually(maybe they will be ready when you read this post.)

fetch following src.rpm and compile



well, Im using centos, if I have to compile the rpm, I need to modify spec.

modify spec:

re-run builddep:

finish the installation: