run xfce on EL7

well before this note, you should have read the install notes 1:


further, we need to add pkgs manually.

1. install nm-applet, which is working on xfce desktop for net device management.


2. install im input.(if you use language other than eng. )


3. install related pkgs:
shotwell for picture viewing,
xfce4-screenshooter for screensnaps.
xfce4-terminal for xfterm4


btw, if you need the flash-player for firefox, check following links out:


other pkgs please just fell free to choose…

Install XFCE on CentOS 7 official release

Following Notes work on CentOS/RHEL/OEL 7.

As the release is fresh, we dont have rpmfusion packages on XFCE.

Also we dont have RHN access.


Alternative for now: install via EPEL repo


1. install CentOS 7 release

Minimal install without X window and Desktop setups.


2. install EPEL repo.


3. install XFCE sets.


Now OK:



Get Necessary Packages:

Still there’s a fatal problem for now, that no thunar packages available yet.
#yum install Thunar thunar  # not work

Trying from scratch

Also: following build in progress, waiting…

Well ,  thunar package may be available now when you read this note, just ignore the following,

or if not yet ready, please keep noticed.
I tried  to fetch package from F20.

1. the latest version of Thunar is 1.6.3-3.fc21  ,  but EL7 is based on fc21,
google “Thunar-1.6.3-2.fc20.src.rpm” for the location

2. essential tools:

3. packages ready for build: RPM

RPMs now ready here:


Install is ok:

Same issue on xfdesktop,  fetch and compile together.
# google xfdesktop-4.10.2-2.fc20.src.rpm


I just saw following builds:

just download directly here:



Also xfdesktop have a dependency on desktop-backgrounds-basic

I uploaded all files here: