build Python3.4 RPM for EL7

CentOS 7

I would like to setup Python3.4 by RPM.

Source to prepare, from koji,
#spec  files are modified by myself based on the fc22.src.


Step 0:

As there’r crossing Deps on python/wheel/pip/setuptools…  I have to use  existing python-pip and python-setuptools for now:

Force inst. the above 2 packages using #rpm -ivh –nodeps

Step 1:

Rebuild python3 package:

Step 2:
Setup python-wheel

Step 3:
Setup python-pip & python-setuptools
#Disable wheels, why?  check


Then Replace those fc22 binaries:
#Also it’s why I mod the pkg version, is just easy for the rpm update cmd.



All other related pkgs, Im updating via pycharm, not on RPMs.

I will update SRPMs and RPMs here: