Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 on Solaris 11

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Oracle Solaris Studio
Although not officially certified on Solaris 11 Release platform, we can definitely use the Solaris Studio as a tarball.

I don’t apply extra patches, only using following packages mentioned here….
Installing Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 (tarfile) on Solaris 11 Express

the launch is all ok, I wrote a small script to invoke the binary, as I dont actually like to add those binaries to $PATH,
for I have GNU compiler sets in the $PATH…

Some small issues which related to Netbeans (v 6.9)
1. editor on GUI doesnt have good font settings,  all saw-toothed by default.
2. add Java to the netbeans cannot be detected by default, for JAVA_HOME not known.

Fix… to change netbeans conf. and restart the IDE.

where is the whereis

Today when I’m applying some scripts on Solaris 11Express nodes, a interesting error comeup,

As on Solaris 10, we use cmd whereis(/usr/ucb/whereis) as a standard component.
(On Linux, it’s also a part of the util-linux-ng package )

Solaris 11X doesn’t include this command in default set, so turn to documents for help:

<Oracle Solaris 11 ISV Adoption Guide>

Very lucky the command whereis is the rest  for kept in compatibility/ucb package as optional.
But it’s no longer suggested to use such cmds in further SOLs, I finally gave up refresh the toolkits.

Oracle Solaris 11 ISV Adoption Guide
Solaris 11 Express Changes: Where is /usr/ucb ?
*this arc shows the discussion on some port specific /usr/ucb commands,
the abandon of those codes speed up the far and away of those BSD like code.

From this point, SOL’s running faster than Linux….