A Best Practice to Prepare EL6 Linux for Oracle RDBMS Installation

following is not a guide to install RDBMS, but a quick environment preparation before that.
this text works on both Linux/Windows host.

0. to setup Oracle RDBMS 12c on EL6.3 vbox.  for testing purpose.

1. prepare virtualbox.
setup a new linux machine, with harddisk 40G,  network using NAT.

2. attach image on CD. boot

3. install option.
a) using the full disk, using default dynamic lv settings(means you can adjust disk sizes whenever you want)
b) install option: Desktop (or you may have to using vnc or inst other Xwindow options if you choose “Database Server”).
c) reboot after installation. using account: oracle/oracle

4.  we need to manually install vboxtools (for a better display and operation experience enhancement)
before that we need to :

5.   keep the sys image mount.  manually install kernel-uek-devel, the # should be the same to your currently running version.

6.  check your yum repo setting. (you need uln repo, or simple public-yum is ok)
or you have to manually install dependency in the package folder.
# yum install gcc

7.  detach the sys-image. choose “Install Guest Additions”
run as prompt, or in cmd.

8.  ignore following warning, as the package already re-named to kernel-uek-devel

9. about the necessary packages you can use following cmd:

10. choosing “System”->”Preference”->”Startup Applications”
remove item “PackageKit Update Applet” , so that you should update your pkgs whenever you want and need.
remove any other items you dont like.

11. disable SELinux and firewall.
edit /etc/selinux/config  to –>”disabled”
system-config-firewall  –> “Disable”

12. let eth0 connect automatically.
either 1) using desktop network-manager, edit connection–>eth0–> connect automatically.
or 2) edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
add following like:  “ONBOOT=yes”

reboot the node.

F.  setups already done.  you can now following guide to complete the installation

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) Installation On Oracle Linux 6


the steps are simple but, wish it saves time you read this post before the installation.







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