build Remmina RPM for EL7

CentOS 7


Remmina is a well-known remote desktop access tool.

Following packages is necessary for the build:

I was usingĀ  freerdp 1.2 for fc22 rpm, but failed:


It’s documented as version conflicts,
remmina 1.1 for now only builds on freerdp 1.1



So I have to turn to an old version , if you have interests on building next 1.2 branch:
Ref here:


After building freerdp-1.1.0-0.12.beta.2013071101.fc21

Rebuild remmina failed:

Well, this problem is wired and it’s actually a problem on remmina/freerdp protocal un-match.

fix is to use a newer freerdp pkg, or a patch to this remmina pkg to not set this parameter FALSE

Alternative is to checkout spec file, and not applying following patch

# it’s not a critical issue patch fix, just a patch on build. safe to mod.

After that



Install packages and works.

my pkgs will also be available here:

Bug 529666 – net-misc/remmina-1.1.1 with net-misc/freerdp-1.2.0_beta1_pre20141115 – CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:136 (message): Could NOT find FREERDP (missing: FREERDP_LIBRARY)


Call rfx_context_new with a BOOL argument


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