Configure Xendump for Oracle EL Linux 5.9 xen guest

this post also works for Redhat EL5 compatible.

My Configuration:

Host: testbox       2.6.18-  EL5.7
Gust: testbox-vm1   2.6.18-348.el5              EL5.9


   1. on Host, enable dumps and restart xend service.

[root@testbox xen]# vi /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp
enable dump:
  (enable-dump yes)

restart xend service:
[root@testbox xen]# service xend restart

As the root part on my box doesnt have enough space(2G+) for crash cores. using following link

[root@testbox 21_testbox-vm1]# rm -fr /var/xen/dump/
[root@testbox 21_testbox-vm1]# ln -s /var/ovs/mount/CC94A2F6CC2A4FD2957BB3FE6B6BA694/suse /var/xen/dump


   2. change vm1 guest cfg file.
[root@testbox running_pool]# pwd

[root@testbox running_pool]# cd 21_testbox-vm1/
[root@testbox 21_testbox-vm1]# vi vm.cfg
on_crash = ‘coredump-restart’     
on_reboot = ‘restart’

shutdown vm using cmd: (If the box is not yet created, no need to shutdown, just create a new.)
xm shutdown 21_testbox-vm1
restart vm using new cfg:
xm create  21_testbox-vm1 -f ./vm.cfg

3. inside vm1.

enable sysrq:

kernel.sysrq = 1

       choosing RH compatible kernel, instead of the UEK kernel for dumps.
--OEL5 UEK kernel not working well with xendump service.

[root@testbox-vm1 ~]#  vi /etc/grub.conf
default=1    <– the # of RH kernel

We are now using kernel:
Install following RPMs for further cases:


reboot the guest, root access and issue:
[root@testbox-vm1 ~]# echo c >/proc/sysrq-trigger

a new core was generated in Host:

[root@testbox dump]# pwd
[root@testbox dump]# ls


4. how to analyze the core.

scp the core into testbox-vm1. for example:
(there should be some other ways to share files between guest/host, like via NFS)

[root@testbox-vm1 0013]# pwd
[root@testbox-vm1 0013]# ls

        issue crash utility:



[suse@suse ~]$ssh root@testbox-vm1
[root@testbox-vm1 ~]# echo c >/proc/sysrq-trigger

a new core (sizeof 2G, memsize of the guest vm1) is generated in testbox:/var/xen/dump

How to enable automatic core dumps of xen guests?
Core dump Xen domU/guests


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