FreeBSD move onto PKGNG

I just upgrade my FreeBSD and using PKGNG instead, as old pkg_add is currently marked obsolete.

pkgng – best thing since sliced bread!

pkgng: First look at FreeBSD’s new package manager

After these steps, run pkg update.

Report following packages conflicts with newers.

after that, pkg update should work.

following 2 libs reported missing: and

New system fonts display seems not good,  anti-sawtooth font’s option cannot be enabled.
it should be owned by the auto dependency installed wqy fonts.
problem is involved by a wrong-configured fonts.conf, which applied to all fonts size<17

Edit: /usr/local/etc/fonts/conf.avail/85-wqy.conf

replace 16 with 8, or just remove the 85-wqy.conf file.


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