Install Guide of Mongo php Driver on EL5

Following is a step to install Mongo-php-driver and rockmongo on EL5.6 box.

steps please find the reference.

My working configure:

mongo-php-driver: mongo-1.2.0

1.  install the pkgs.

on my yum-server, I dont have git prepared. so have to manually inst…

find related packages here, and install

2.  git install mongo-php-driver.  as the git repo is up2date and the box is old.
I choose to pickup the driver pkg here:

install the library.


3. edit  php.conf and enable the as extension.


4. during httpd start. hit bug#669963

httpd server cannot startup and report error in /var/log/httpd/error_log

bug content as described here :

  • Because of this bug httpd fails to start after existing systems are updated from an older CentOS 5 release to CentOS 5.6. The workaround is described here. This only happens when you have SSL enabled and mod_nss installed for your webserver.



5. download rockmongo and unzip in http html folder. works


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