Dependency on Fedora 15 Yum is bad

After new OS image refreshed, I decided to add on the office package, as chosen on F11 I picked up the OOo from its mainpage.

but after the installation I found the yum dependencies were destroyed. seems OOo already been obsoleted by Libreoffice. but dependency builds failed.


failed when using yum update/other installations

I was using the OOo at F11 environment and don’t wanna a change, it’s also why I still trying to fetch the OOo package.

My guessing it should not be a good idea to add dependency on libre/OOo office packages to replace each other. but seems no better choices.

Either I dont want to fetch Libre* packages from rpm source since it builds dependencies on its own JRE and some unneeded rpms…

an alternative workaround may be to pick up Libre* build from it’s officalsite to replace my current setups. will have a try.




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  1. Alecs says:

    You should try the folowing steps:
    1. Completly remove libreoffice : (yum remove libreoffice*)
    2. block libreoffice-ure: insert a line in /etc/yum.conf, in section main containing – exclude=libreoffice*
    3. install openoffice (if you complete the step one you have no conflicts now)

    The 2’nd step is allowing you to update the system without any errors. At least this is my case.