Running And Migrating Django Project on Bluehost

先写几个中文字, 主题无关,本来没必要迁的项目, 主要是被赶得只好换了服务器. 就多做了这么多的事.


Currently Bluehost doesnt support Django officially.

to support Django.

1. Using self-packaged python/Django.
Download and unzip Python in:
using to install flup/Django/MySQL-python …

2. Using existing Project: RACBDM. edit .htaccess


3. prepare mysite.fcgi


4. ensure the mysql related configuration: <RACBDM.settings>

5. confirm the template_dirs setting:

6. While migrating, it’s a good practice to enable DEBUG mode:

7. Mysql related:

8. mention that the dump script will not take care the View create status, if you have tables/views. please double check.

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