Running fcitx on EL7 xfce

I thought it should be an easy task, while not…

My Env:

locale:   en_US.UTF-8
kernel:  3.10.0-123.4.2.el7.x86_64


I removed ibus related rpms except “ibus-libs”, as it’s required by gnome/gtk.

then build all fcitx packages:


switch im doesnt work.

I have to rebuild  package: imsettings and im-chooser.  as the origin one doesnt enable support for XFCE.

1. fetch following packages: (as f20 doesnt provide the latest im-chooser package, I use el7 version.)

2.  modify spec to support el7. (enable xfce supports)


3. im-chooser build has deps on imsettings-devel:
build imsettings first and inst devel pkg :

4. after all packages built, install/update:


5.  change immodules.cache as Im using en locale.

6. reboot, and use imsettings-switch, im-chooser to choose fcitx. reboot.

If you hit issues, you may try w/r here:
Note for GNOME Later than 3.6

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