xarchiver shows empty on zipfile

It’s a stranger issue on my box fc15.


Xarchiver to show zip/bz2/tar/rar… files correctly but not function for long time on zip.

when Xarchiver opens zipfile, it showed empty window, but it can correctly extract files.

I tried re-install Xarchiver rpm or re-compile from src. it still not working.

[Root cause]
it’s the problem of zip version

[suse@suse ~]$which zip

well I installed 11.2 db on this box that’s why zip directs to a wrong path. xarchiver only choose binary from $PATH, not hard coding..


to solve, put /usr/bin/zip before the $ORACLE_HOME/bin

it’s not always a good practice to put $ORACLE_HOME/bin in $PATH……

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