Compile python3 on SLES 11 SP2

Install following RPMs before Steps:

Python3 source from: Python 3.3.5

Without zlib-devel,  You cannot enable zlib module built-in, install this RPM and re-compile python3 src.
about bzip2,  SLES doesnt provide extra bzip2-devel package, so just install bzip2 RPM is ok.

Without libopenssl-devel,  you cannot fetch https URL via easy_install,  it reports “unknown url type: https”


To Enablle ipython notebook:

Please install  sqlite-devel package: (UN OFFICIAL)
Im using:


1. install zeromq: # for pyzmq

Guide here:

2.  install dependencies:
easy_install  pyzmq jinja2 tornado
easy_install  sphinx readline
##### easy_install pysqlite # DO NO RUN THIS CMD. here hit bug, fixing… pysqlite doesn’t support python3 now, use internal sqlite3


3. run #ipython notebook ok.






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