Install Ipython notebook on Fedora 15

Ipython now provides RPM(python-ipython-notebook) from Fedora 18.


Fedora 15 is too old… not providing RPM, but we can also install very easy.

1. Install zeromq: (Im using i686 boxes, no yum servers now provided for the old release, you can google for the RPMs)

2. using easy_install:

3. Run the service in your own directory:


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  1. Zac says:

    I wonder if you can open a window for it?
    I tried your commands and it worked but I don’t even know how to exit it…

  2. suse says:

    1. yes once the service running it shall call firefox or other browser to open the link.

    If it doesnt comeup automatically, you can open a browser manually, and access url “” (or other port you specified.)

    2. To shutdown the kernel/service, you can just use ‘Ctrl – C’ key combine.